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Our patented designs for turret gunner protection are created with energy attenuating materials mitigating blunt force trauma injuries and are available for any vehicle with a hatch.

Gunner Accessory Package

BMI Defense Systems Soft Armor USMC LAV Light Armored Vehicle Doghouse Ballistic Blanket

BMI Defense Systems is a custom soft goods solution provider and has taken our lightweight and modular spall liners from concept to completion for PM LAV and JPO MRAP. Soft armor can be designed to be fit vulnerable areas within tight spaces.  Our experience in sewing manufacturing is well known throughout the US Military and allied forces across the globe.


BMI Defense Systems is the recognized authority on turret gunner seating & safety.  The invention of our gunner seat in 2004 paved the way for all seating and restraints systems on the market.  Ours however is the original seat that went to war first as a gift for a friend and evolved into a life-saving device that is still the most requested seat by turret gunners and scouts to this day around the world.


BMI Defense Systems has built its reputation of reliability and quality through years of new product development, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing.  The collapsible POL Rack was one of our first major projects for USMC PM LAVBMI Defense is also a proven contract sewing manufacturing and assembly facility for many military products including the US Army Air Warrior AW PSGC.


Located in College Station, Texas, near the future home of the Texas A&M University Bush Combat Development Complex military testing hub for Army Futures Command, BMI Defense Systems has been engineering, developing and manufacturing innovative safety equipment since 2004. As a Native American, woman-owned small business, our mission is and always has been to protect the warfighter with relevant, adaptable and affordable solutions.

We have established a reputation of reliability and quality in all the products we build, whether they are BMI's original engineered designs or contract manufacturing of other existing designs. BMI Defense products have saved lives and increased the effectiveness of warfighters all over the globe including the many US allied countries whom we also call customers.

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