BMI Defense Systems custom engineers gunner platforms that install in a variety of military or armored vehicles and adjusts to as many heights as needed. Our platforms are customized to meet any vehicle's requirements and may be mounted on the wall utilizing our rail system, the floor or on top of a seat.


The platforms also include Energy Attenuating (EA) technology. These energy-absorbing gunner platforms protect soldiers against spinal injuries from the destructive shock of an IED blast beneath the vehicle.


NOTE: Gunner Platforms are protected under US Patent: #8132838 and European Patent: #2365849

Gunner Platform and Seat & Restraint Combinations are protected by US Patents: #8011730, #8240767, #8757721, and #8740305

Other US and European patents pending

MRAP Gunner Protection Package (GPP)

(GPP) Energy-Attenuating Platform

(GPP) Ergonomic Gunner Seat

(GPP) Turret Stowage and Accessory Kit

BMI Defense Systems' MRAP GPP is the result of years of development and testing as well as overwhelming positive customer feedback. The MRAP GPP consists of an Ergonomic Gunner Seat with Integrated Restraint, an Energy-Attenuating Height-Adjustable Gunner Platform, and the Turret Stowage and Accessory Kit (T-SAK).


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MTVR Seat / Platform Kit

The MTVR Seat Platform Kit is a passenger seat replacement unit providing the gunner with vital turret access while not affecting the other occupants. It installs in under 10 minutes with basic hand tools. Simply unbolt the seat cushion and attach the Seat Platform Kit using the existing bolt holes.The gunner's stand has eight vertical adjustments to allow proper defilade for varying gunner sizes. The center cushion fits into the top tray of the platform providing full functionality of the two-passenger bench seat. The impact absorbing seat cushions are made of flame, fluid and weather resistant materials.

  • Gunner stand collapses or expands quickly

  • Gunner maintains combat position easily

  • No interference with driver or other passenger

  • Works with existing vehicle restraint systems

  • Does not require vehicle modification

LAV Gunner Platform 

BMI Defense Systems' LAV Gunner Platform doubles as a bench seat and can be configured for multiple applications. It is mounted on the wall using our rail system to allow unlimited adjustments for varying gunner heights. Utilizing Energy Attenuating (EA) technology, these energy-absorbing gunner platforms protect soldiers against spinal injuries from the destructive shock of an IED blast beneath the vehicle.



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