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Gunner Platforms

BMI Defense Systems custom engineers gunner platforms that can be installed in a variety of military or armored vehicles. Our platforms can be mounted directly to the floor, cantilever off of a sidewall, or be integrated into an existing seat structure. The platforms are height adjustable to accommodate the full range of potential gunners from the shortest to tallest (5th to 95th percentile).

BMI begins all its designs with the assumption that the vehicle should not be permanently modified in any way that would prevent the vehicle manager from returning it to its original configuration if they choose.  Therefore no cutting, welding, or drilling/tapping of holes is required to complete the installation.

BMI Defense Systems' Ratchet Gunner Platforms (RGP) are manually adjustable and do not require hydraulics or electrical assist to achieve the desired height.  BMI's patented ratchet mechanism allows full height adjustability without the need for external pins that are hard to insert. In addition, the actuator pedal drops the platform to full depression in seconds when required. 


The redesigned standing surface of the platform eliminates the safety hazard caused by weapon lube and CLP that typically pools on the surface.  Additionally, the Toe Cue™ provides a positive stop to keep the gunner's feet from slipping off the edge and allows him to know where his feet are located on the platform without looking down.

MRAP & M-ATV Gunner Platform Variations

BMI Defense Systems Maxx Pro Turret Gunner Energy Attenuating Ratchet Platform

Maxx Pro Energy Attenuating RGP

MRAP Cougar GS2R Rotating Energy Attenuating Gunner Platform

GS2R Rotating Energy Attenuating Platform

M-ATV Turret Gunner Energy Attenuating Ratchet Gunner Platform

M-ATV Energy Attenuating RGP

Energy Attenuation Technology

BMI Defense System’s patented Energy Attenuating (EA) Gunner Platforms utilize the latest technology in blast protection to attenuate the forces normally transferred to the gunner in the event of an IED or mine blast.  Our EA Platforms have been verified in laboratory and live fire testing by the US DoD and proven in combat in multiple theaters around the world.

The optional energy-absorbing platform pads further protect gunners and scouts against lower extremity injuries and allow the gunner to stand for longer periods of time in the turret while traveling.

Standard Gunner Platform Variations

Navistar Husky Height Adjustable Turret Gunner Platform

Navistar Husky Gunner Platform

MTVR Height Adjustable Turret Gunner Platform

MTVR Gunner Platform

Light Armored Vehicle LAV Turret Gunner Scout Platform

LAV Rail Platform

Gunner Platform Variants

Cat I Energy Attenuating RGP                                    BMI P/N 700-1630               NSN 2540-01-570-0762

Cat II Energy Attenuating RGP                                   BMI P/N 700-1631               NSN 2540-01-573-3341

Maxx Pro Energy Attenuating RGP                           BMI P/N 700-1633               NSN 2540-01-573-3278

Maxx Pro Dash Energy Attenuating RGP                 BMI P/N 700-1704               NSN 2540-01-572-1875

GS2R Rotating Energy Attenuating Platform         BMI P/N 102-0005               NSN 2540-01-592-8336

M-ATV Energy Attenuating RGP                                  BMI P/N 700-5050               NSN 2510-01-570-2495

Navistar Husky Gunner Platform                              BMI P/N 600-3350               NSN 2510-01-598-9415

MTVR Gunner Platform                                                BMI P/N 600-1800

LAV Rail Platform                                                           BMI P/N 700-4610

NOTE: BMI Defense Systems' Gunner Platforms and EA Systems are covered by numerous USA and Foreign Patents issued and pending.

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