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Soft Armor

BMI Defense Systems provides custom vehicle soft armor, ballistic blankets and spall liners that are designed to protect against the broad spectrum of emerging battlefield threats with our lightweight, modular, and rapidly deployable systems. Utilizing advanced ceramic and composite fiber technologies, our ballistic blankets and spall liners meet or exceed NIJ and military requirements. Our specialty is accommodating complex shapes with a soft armor solution that is flame, fluid and abrasion resistant while using a restraint system that doesn't modify the vehicle or container.  Our goal is to take your project through the design phase to finished product in a quick and cost effective process.



Custom Ballistic Blankets and Spall Liners

BMI Defense Systems' Custom Ballistic Blankets are designed to protect the warfighter from shrapnel in the event of an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) blast.  Our spall liners consist of a high-strength, lightweight ballistic insert with superior stopping power, a patented, thermal barrier/flame and abrasion resistant carrier that exceeds M1A1 requirements, and a durable restraint system with unprecedented holding power and without vehicle modification. Validated through USMC/TARDEC testing, BMI Defense Systems' customized ballistic blanket solutions have been successfully tested against 20mm FSP without an armor face and outperformed all competitors' products density for density. 

BMI Defense Systems' Custom Ballistic Blankets are installed in all the Program Manager (PM) LAVs. Our blankets are designed to accommodate the complex shapes within vehicle platforms such as the LAV Doghouse Blanket System pictured below.

Ballistic blanket1.JPG

















Driver Protection Package (DPP) Ballistic Blanket Kit


Ballistic Blanket Kit


Ballistic Blanket Kit


Ballistic Blanket Kit


Ballistic Blanket Kit


Ballistic Blanket Kit


P/N          NSN


1270         2540-01-565-4700


1649         2540-01-581-9333 


1645         2540-01-582-3626


1646         2540-01-577-0009


1690         2540-01-576-6854


1660         2540-01-580-1629


Cougar Internal Ballistic Protection and Restraint System

BMI Defense Systems' Cougar Internal Ballistic Protection and Restraint System (IBRS) provides extra protection to the vehicle occupants by the addition of a soft spall liner and a rail system to securely attach equipment cargo throughout the vehicle.  JPO MRAP's goal in the Cougar Ambulance Conversion was to convert a small quantity of fielded Cougar MRAP's to CASEVAC vehicles. As a solution, BMI Defense Systems created an upgraded armor kit and additional means to attach medical equipment to the vehicle. 

Custom Conversions & Industrial Containment

BMI Defense Systems provides custom shapes and sizes for a variety of applications.  Our design and manufacturing experience allows for a variety of applications from up-armoring vehicles to blast or leak containment of industrial equipment.

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