BMI Defense Systems' Tactical Accessories include patent pending systems that provide highly efficient vehicle crewman's gear to multiply the warfighters' combat effectiveness and force protection.


MSP 1107 Tactical Seat Panel provides the gun truck crew immediate access to vehicle equipment and ammunition loads preventing expenditure of personal battle loads. The 1107 is designed to affix to the standard HMMWV seat back and allows the vehicle crew to effectively organize and secure mission critical gear preventing loss during limited visibility operations. Secured items no longer pose a projectile threat to crewman during IEDimpact concussion or vehicle accidents.

  • Expedient mission accessiblility of equipment and munitions

  • Protects crew from unsecured mission equipment

  • Bi-directional installation

  • Quick releases from immediate intallation and recovery

MOLLE Turret Panel

Nylon Stabilization Handle

Pack Anchor Strap

MTP 1136 Gunner's Turret Panel is a multifunctional battle load "ready rack" designed to maximize the mounted warfighters' ability to react to enemy contact. It can mount in multiple locations within a variety of combat vehicles, including the tight confines of the turret gunner's GPK. It is extremely convenient for grab-and-go during either vehicle egress actions or during post mission operations. Tactical pouches purchased separately.

NSH 1137 Emergency Stabilization Handle establishes a fixed point within the vehicle for crewman to utilize when negotiating rough terrain or emergency crew actions.

Fastened by a hardened steel anchor plate, the NSH 1137 is constructed of polyurethane coated nylon webbing and maintains an open mouth form for immediate crewman reach.

PS 1180 Pack Anchor Strap attaches to a variety of military vehicles serving as a secure anchor point for personal gear or vehicle equipment. The PS 1180 is built to resist load bearing friction and is easy to employ or release utilizing the intrinsic quick release locking equipment ring. Available in multiple sizes to fit your application.

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