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Tactical Gear


MOLLE Seat Panel


MSP 1107 Tactical MOLLE Seat Panel provides immediate access to equipment and ammunition loads. Designed for a standard HMMWV seat back, it secures mission critical gear preventing projectile threats to the crewmen during IED impact concussion or accidents. The quick release buckles allow for quick egress.  These seat covers can be purchased at our sister site, Black Mountain All Terrain.

MOLLE Gunner Turret Panel

MOLLE Turret Panel

MTP 1136

MTP 1136 Gunner's Turret Panel is a multifunctional battle load "ready rack" designed to maximize the warfighter's ability to react to enemy contact. It can mount in multiple locations within a variety of combat vehicles, including the tight confines of the turret gunner's GPK. Tactical pouches purchase separately.  Custom configurations available at quantity.  Surplus sales may be found on our ebay store.

Military Equipment Vehicle Storage Pack Anchor Strap NSN 5340-01-554-1266

Pack Anchor Strap

PS 1180

PS 1180 Pack Anchor Strap attaches to any military vehicle serving as a secure anchor point for personal gear or vehicle equipment. The PS 1180 resists load bearing friction. The quick release carabiner locks to secure equipment and comes in multiple sizes. Custom configurations available at quantity.

NSN 5340-01-554-1266 

Military Vehicle Crew Grab Handle

Stabilization Handle

NSH 1137

NSH 1137 Nylon Stabilization Handle gives a fixed point within a military vehicle for crewmen to "grab hold" on rough terrain. Fastened by a steel anchor plate, the NSH is constructed of polyurethane coated nylon webbing to maintain its open mouth shape.


Turret Storage Kit


TSAK or Turret Storage Accessory Kit consists of a grab handle, weapon stowage hook and escalation of force device tactical MOLLE pouches within easy reach of the turret gunner. Designed with feedback from turret gunners and battlefield tested.

MOLLE military sewing

MOLLE Systems

Custom MOLLE products

BMI Defense Systems has provided sewn MOLLE products in the form of panels, seat covers and pouches since 2004. Many of our products were developed with the input of Program Management offices and feedback from warfighters themselves. Contact us about custom MOLLE systems.

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