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MRAP & M-ATV Gunner Protection Package

BMI Defense Systems' MRAP and M-ATV Gunner Protection Package is engineered and manufactured with a gunner's combat performance and safety in mind.  The GPP includes the  Ergonomic Gunner Seat and Restraint (EGSR) and custom designed Energy Attenuating Gunner Platform (EA-RGP) to fit each of the different variants of MRAP and M-ATV vehicles. This innovative package provides additional protection to the gunner utilizing a patent pending integrated restraint system to help prevent ejection and secondary injuries during combat actions or ejection incidents. 

Turret gunner protection has always been a priority at BMI Defense Systems and the MRAP and M-ATV Gunner Protection Package (GPP) is no exception.


The MRAP & M-ATV GPP is the result of years of development and testing as well as overwhelming positive customer feedback. The MRAP & M-ATV GPP consists of an Ergonomic Gunner Seat with Integrated Restraint, an Energy-Attenuating Height-Adjustable Gunner Platform, and the Turret Stowage and Accessory Kit (T-SAK).


The MRAP & M-ATV Gunner Protection Package is a COTS solution that is designed to be installed without modifying the vehicle. It is available to fit the following variants listed below. 

All components of the MRAP & M-ATV GPP are protected under existing US Patents or are Patent Pending. 

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