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Gunner Restraint System

BMI Defense Systems' Gunner Restraint System is designed and manufactured with a gunner's combat performance and safety in mind. The patented Gunner Restraint System is integrated into the turret seat preventing ejection and secondary injuries during combat actions, blast events and rollover incidents.  The energy attenuating gunner seat is engineered to substantially reduce circulatory and nerve stress that compromise the gunner's protective defilade and combat actions in the turret.  These sling seat restraint systems allow the gunner to stay alert longer which allows for quicker reaction time in the event of a threat. 

Ergonomic Gunner Seat and Restraint (EGSR)

The Ergonomic Gunner Seat & Restraint is optimized for healthy posture of the gunner while maintaining its functionality as an effective restraint. Six strategically placed quick-release buckles allow for an unimpeded ingress and egress. Both the restraint harness and the seat are fully adjustable to accommodate the full range of gunner sizes - from the 50th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.

BMI p/n 700-1510  NSN 2540-01-570-0638

Single Point Release Seat and Restraint (SPSR)

The Single Point Release Seat and Restraint incorporates the same restraint harness used in the EGSR, but also has an additional mechanism that allows the seat and restraint to completely detach from the vehicle in one swift motion.  BMI p/n 103-0000

NOTE: BMI Defense Systems' Gunner Turret Seat and Restraint Systems are covered by numerous USA and Foreign Patents issued and pending.

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