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ATV & UTV Upfitting

BMI Defense Systems, in conjunction with their sister company Black Mountain All-Terrain, has designed effective ATV and UTV equipment applicable to government entities using off-road utility vehicles. Military, Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, Forest Service, Border Patrol and First Responders have specific atv upfitting requests that fit our unique custom military vehicle modification skill set. We have taken our expertise in the defense sector and applied it to these convenient and adaptable all terrain vehicles.



Enhanced Litter-Bearing Hood

Door-Mounted MOLLE Panel and Roof-Mounted MOLLE Panel 

Collapsible Bed 

-Increased stowage capacity

-Integrated cargo rails for customizable stowage

-Universal attachment points accommodate a multitude of litters and include integrated retaining straps for securing litter to vehicle.


Running Boards

-Large standing surface area (does not alter overall vehicle shipping width)

-Capable of performing as rock sliders.


Swing Arm Mount

-Provides operator the capability to mount a crew served weapon.

-Increased stowage capacity using the MOLLE System


-Secured directly to OEM door with hand tools.

-Increased stowage capacity


-Three sides able to open for access to cargo


-Integrated cargo rails for customizable stowage. 

Rapid Extraction Rope

BMI Defense Systems ATV Rapid Extraction Rope is designed for hasty recovery in unforgiving environments. This non-kinetic rope features a mil spec jacket encasing for additional protection, and is manufactured to endure all environments, including extreme cold and heat. The ATV Rapid Extraction Rope fits inside its own deployment bag for secure storage and tangle free hasty deployment.

ATV Operator Accessory Panel



The ATV-OAP attaches to the forward roll bar securing mission-critical items with a MOLLE panel. The Personal Weapon Stowage Assembly stores the operators’ primary weapon with Cobra Buckles.


The UTV MOLLE Panel attaches to the roll bar and can hold mission-critical items in MOLLE pouches on either side.

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