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Military Vehicle Equipment Racks

The BMI Defense System 50" collapsible petroleum, oils and lubricant (POL) Rack Assembly is designed to hold various quantities of Jerrycans and has multiple footman loops to allow attachment of straps. BMI custom mounting hardware can be designed to adapt to any platform with NO vehicle modification. A wide variety of straps is also available to secure the cans and additional equipment.


The optional flame, fluid and abrasion resistant ballistic cover provides superior stopping power against multiple threats while acting as a thermal barrier. Quick release buckles allow easy access to protected cargo.


LAV-25 Collapsible POL Rack Assembly   Military P/N 03002A5332

Strap Kit for LAV-25 Collapsible POL Rack   Military P/N 03002A5339

Mounting Hardware Kit for LAV-25 POL Rack   Military P/N 03002A5344

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