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Military Sewing


BMI Defense Systems, Inc. has successfully performed on many military projects including Army Air Warrior PSGC, Army Picatinny Seat, canopy production and other high volume production contracts.  We have produced MOLLE seat covers and MOLLE turret panels for various fleets of vehicles as well as personal weapon stowage systems.

BMI Defense Systems provides custom shapes and sizes for a variety of applications.  Our design and manufacturing experience allows for a variety of applications from up-armoring vehicles to blast or leak containment of industrial equipment.

Our strong background in prototyping and developing in the military sector allowed us to easily move into law enforcement and commercial products as well.  Working with John Deere military sales on ATV upfitting led us to open our sister company, Black Mountain All-Terrain.  We are the only United States manufacturer that is licensed to produce seat covers and accessories for John Deere Gators™.  Our products are available in John Deere dealerships nationwide and around the world.

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