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MRAP Total System Support

BMI Defense Systems, Inc. is a Total System Support package provider for the MRAP family of vehicles in all categories (CAT I, CAT II, CAT III) used by the joint services, international programs, FBI, CIA, FEMA, DHS, Border Patrol, SWAT, local law enforcement and state law enforcement agencies. We also support commercial users from Universities, Oil Refineries and Power Generators. We understand MRAP support and engineering requirements because BMI Defense is experience-based and KNOWS the MRAP vehicle.

BMI Defense Systems, Inc. is a leader in developing battle-proven, safety equipment for ground vehicle operators, aviators and other military and first responder personnel. Over the past decade, our product development collaboration with Department of Defense Program Managers and the MRAP Joint Program Management Office has resulted in many life-saving solution sets. These engineered solutions have been vital to military mission success and provide the same result for Law Enforcement Organizations as well.


The DOD Surplus Program has created an opportunity for LEO's to benefit from our engineering, prototyping, product testing and fielding experience in both existing products as well as the development of new customized solutions. Most LEO's do not have experience maintaining or equipping MRAPs or other armored vehicles, nor have the knowledge about necessary protective equipment to prevent personal injury during missions, rollovers and other manageable events.

Product Deployment/Fielding Support --- BMI has and can provide installation support services and operational training on several products related to the MRAP vehicles.


BMI Defense Law Enforcement
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