Turret Seats & Restraints

BMI Defense Systems' turret seats and restraint systems are designed and manufactured with a gunner's combat performance and safety in mind. The energy attenuating gunner seats are engineered to substantially reduce circulatory and nerve stress that compromise the gunner's protective defilade and combat actions in the turret.


These sling seat systems allow the gunner to stay alert longer which allows for quicker reaction time in advent of a threat. The patented gunner restraint systems are integrated into the turret seat preventing ejection and secondary injuries during combat actions, blast events and rollover incidents.


NOTE: Seat & Restraints are protected under US Patent: #8132838 and European Patent: #2365849

Gunner Platform and Seat & Restraint Combinations are protected by US Patents: #8011730, #8240767, #8757721, and #8740305

Other US and European patents pending

Turret Seat (1190)

The Turret Seat 1190 is the classic turret gunner seat that fits any vehicle class and provides comfort while reducing circulatory and nerve stress. The gunner's protective defilade is not compromised but rather enforced while not hindering combat actions in the turret. Immediate and unimpeded ingress/egress is vital to the gunner and the TS 1190, with its one-motion quick release allows the gunner, or another passenger, to quickly drop the gunner out of harms' way. Unlike the TS1190, the GPS 1150 includes a gunner restraint system.

Gunner Protection System (1150 Series)

The driving force behind development of the 1150 Series Gunner Protection Systems (GPS) is to eliminate conditions that detract from mission performance of the turret gunner. In addition, the integrated gunner seat and restraint system is designed to eliminate all manageable safety related issues that can create unnecessary casualties on the battlefield.



The integrated retractor gunner restraint system helps safeguard the gunner during combat actions or vehicle accidents and contains a one-motion quick release for immediate and unimpeded ingress/egress. The GPS 1150 also offers an optional ballistic insert kit providing interceptor IBA equivalent protection to mitigate and prevent fragmentation injuries.

Energy Attenuating Bench Seat

The Modular EA Bench Seat doubles as a gunner platform and can be configured for multiple applications. Utilizing Energy Attenuating (EA) Technology, these energy-absorbing seats protect soldiers against spinal injuries from the destructive shock of an IED blast beneath the vehicle.


The gunner seat/platform is available with or without the EA links and is custom designed to fit your platform without modification. Seat cushions meet FAA fire resistant guidelines.


Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Scout Sling

Working with the US Marine Corps and PM LAV, BMI Defense Systems has optimized the design of the 1150 series Gunner Protection System to the LAV-25 in the Scout Sling Seat. Proper battle defilade to the armored vehicle crewman is often the single most important factor in reducing casualty producing injuries during improvised explosive device (IED) attacks or vehicle accidents. The LAV armored crewman's tactical sling seat and restraint enables the crewman to remain at the most combat effective low defilades while increasing mental and physical focus and stamina. The energy absorbing characteristics of the tactical scout seat help mitigate the injuries that can be sustained through IED impulse moment and concussion.

LAV-25 Scout Sling Assembly w/ Kit and Straps  P/N 1170  NSN 2540-01-540-7315


Gunners Seat Assembly   P/N 1529 NSN 2540-01-570-0662


Fire Resistant Seat Cushion  P/N 1520  NSN 2540-01-570-2450





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