BMI Defense Systems' Gunner Accessory Package - GAP (2.0) is an upgrade to the GAP (1.0) kit.  This updated and improved kit allows gunners to safely and effectively accomplish their mission without injury due to jostle from extreme terrain. BMI has incorporated the feedback and insight from gunners who have used our Gunner Accessory Package (1.0) kits allowing our engineers to make further innovative modifications.  The second-generation of these packages, GAP (2.0), its associated parts and upgrades are listed below.

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Gunner Accessory Package - GAP (2.0)

Turret gunner protection has always been a priority at BMI Defense Systems and the Gunner Accessory Package (GAP) demonstrates the level to which our engineers and developers are able to provide that protection.  GAP (2.0) is an upgrade available for all currently fielded OGPK Turrets with or without overhead protection cover.  Constructed with a proprietary blend of energy attenuating materials, these kits help mitigate injuries to the gunner and scouts. 

The GAP (2.0) is the latest generation of an advanced accessory package that was tested and developed through invaluable customer feedback from GAP (1.0). The GAP (2.0) Kit is the latest upgrade of these gunner accessory packages and consists of a series of pads which address the extreme terrains and the hostile environment that a gunner or scout may encounter such as rapid deceleration/acceleration and IED events.  Out kits help alleviate traumatic internal injuries to gunners and scouts. 

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Gunner Accessory Package - GAP (2.0) 


Gunner Accessory Package - GAP (2.0)


Gunner Accessory Package - GAP (2.0)




Gunner Accessory Package - GAP Kit


Gunner Accessory Package - GAP Kit


Gunner Accessory Package - GAP Kit     

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