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2D Drafting and Detaling

Drafting Services: BMI Defense Systems, Inc. can create technical drawings of mechanical and textile assemblies with our range of 2D drafting software. 

Auxiliary Views: Our engineers produce section, detail and auxiliary views from the top level drawings along with dimensions and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

2D Drawing Revisions: Revisions to engineering drawings need to be added for various details such as materials used, standards, manufacturing details as well as product modifications. 

As Built Drawings: Our As Built Drawings are created based on prototypes built without original drawings. BMI engineers will formulate drawings to effectively illustrate the concept. BMI's engineering team can formulate drawings based on prototypes constructed without a technical data package, effectively illustrating the concept.


Field Support

Data Gathering: BMI Defense Systems engineers are available to travel to sites worldwide to assist in compilation of data for designing upgrades to and working with previously fielded equipment.

Product Evaluation: BMI Defense Systems engineering team routinely assist customers by travelling to test locations, both government and commercial, participating in laboratory and/or field testing.


3D Modeling

3D Modeling: BMI Defense Systems offers 3D animation and 3D modeling services that are used to enable product visualization to preview structures or prototype. We take design concepts and hand-drawn sketches and convert them into 3D models. 


Assembly Drawings: We provide individual 3D models, 3D Assembly Drawings, 3D Exploded View Drawings, and Computer Assembly Drawing Services.


Assembly Interference Checks: Interference checks resolve issues by identifying design flaws, and ultimately we help our customers achieve accurate, working assembly models. 


Bill of Material (BOM): Our engineering staff generates BOM for assemblies for cost estimating and material procurement that make it easy to plan inventory levels and plan for production, which ultimately helps achieve efficiency on the shop floor.


Sectional View: We offer 3D sectional views, engineering CAD design, 3D CAD engineering drawing and architecture engineering CAD services


BMI Defense Systems, Inc. will provide you with professional, quality and timely engineering services. Our dedicated team of engineers possesses the knowledge and capabilities to find solutions to your problems.


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