BMI Law Enforcement (BMI LE) is a business unit of BMI Defense Systems.  Our vehicle components, breaching systems and officer safety accessories are easy-to-use yet durable for the demanding needs of law enforcement professionals. 


All of our products are made in the USA. Couple that with the defense industry’s strict quality control specifications and what you have are the toughest, most safety conscious and exclusive designs for our community, state, and nation’s law enforcement officials.

Rapid Assault Hook & Sling

The BMI LE Rapid Assault Hook and Sling (RAHAS) was engineered, developed, and manufactured to provide Law Enforcement Officers the ability to overcome doors, windows, burglar bars or security gates while conducting PULL BREACHING operations.The RAHAS is not only functionally safer for the breaching officer and operator, but will also help aid in faster entry and increase the effectiveness of their job.



All variations of the BMI LE Rapid Assault Hooks are constructed of high tensile steel and powder coated for a durable finish. Each BMI LE Rapid Assault Hook is designed for easy attachment. While each variation of the hook offers a unique style and build and can perform specific functions, they can all be used for structures such as burglar bars, door and window frames. 


The RAHAS system is patent pending and is the only purpose built product on the market today.  It makes the breacher more effective at his job and reduces the amount of risk he is exposed to.




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