Gunner Accessory Package

The Gunner Accessory Package, also referred to as the GAP kit, is an advanced Blunt Force Trauma Protection System developed in response to direct gunner feedback from the theater of combat.  The GAP Kit consists of a proprietary blend of energy attenuating materials and pads which address personal impact trauma over extreme terrains, within the hostile environment that a gunner or scout may encounter.  Rapid deceleration/acceleration and IED events often occur and may cause traumatic internal injuries, concussions, or broken bones to gunners. These pads and associated accessories help alleviate these injuries in part or completely.

Gunner Accessory Package Variants

Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK)                                     BMI P/N 700-4800    NSN 2540-01-620-8249

Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield (MCTAGS)    BMI P/N 112-000 

Platt MR 550 Ring Mount                                                                 BMI P/N 700-4700

Istec Personal Weapon Station (L57A1)                                       BMI P/N 700-5100

* BMI Defense can adapt the Blunt Force Trauma Protection Kit, or GAP, to fit any turret or vehicle hatch regardless of the type or manufacturer.

Stryker Hatch Pad Kit

BMI Defense Systems can work with the turret or hatch of any vehicle to provide increased safety for the gunner or scout.  An example of our adaptation to other military vehicles includes the Stryker program.

The Stryker Hatch Pad Kit is a survivability upgrade available for all wheeled and tracked armored fighting vehicles. The kit is constructed with a proprietary blend of energy absorbing material that lines the hatch opening to provide Blunt Force Trauma Protection for the soldier during operations. 

NOTE: BMI Defense Systems' Gunner Accessory Package and Blunt Force Trauma Protection System is covered by numerous USA and Foreign Patents issued and pending.